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Effective management of advertising campaigns in Facebook, Instagram
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Как правильно выстроить стратегию продвижения, чтобы свести затраты на рекламу к нулю
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рекламу среди конкурентов, построив и внедрив эталонную рекламную стратегию
how 98% of all marketing agencies offer and do it
Maybe it will upset you
We will not launch ads for you on Facebook
Сделаем сильнейшую
рекламу среди конкурентов, построив и внедрив эталонную рекламную стратегию
need a large advertising budget
the most important thing is the cost per click
too many competitors
you need a cool instagram account
make a good website first
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This is mistake
Many people understand that advertising is the most important business tool, and before launching advertising, you need to understand well where and how to promote. However, they still immediately go to an agency or an advertising specialist who focuses only on the settings of advertising cabinets, without understanding the big picture.
Having developed more than 210 advertising strategies, we know that your main task is to set up advertising in a quality manner.
Increase advertising revenue, reduce costs and reduce the volume of operational routine
Your real goal
that's why...
We specialize in analytics, development and implementation of advertising strategies that fully PAY OFF
The main problem is that the flow of customers varies from intense to zero.
Create a steady flow of customers
Advertising costs make up a significant part of the budget, sometimes even exceeding income, taking you into the red.
Reduce advertising costs
Non-targeted applications are a huge problem for businesses as you are wasting money and time to service them.
Increase the percentage of "hot" calls